Why I'm Passionate About Olathe Schools


The board must focus on providing an exceptional educational experience for all of Olathe's students and refocus efforts on essential curriculum that builds a foundation for learning. This includes English, literacy, mathematics, science, technology, engineering, foreign languages, civics/government, economics, arts, history, geography, computer science, music, and physical education.


I want to make sure Olathe Public Schools is attracting, hiring and retaining the most qualified and effective teachers, and providing an environment where teachers can be fulfilled in their careers and effective in their ability to improve student achievement and knowledge.


I will listen to all members of the Olathe community, especially parents of current students, in order to better understand their needs and give them a voice.

I will continue to advocate for Olathe Schools to be fiscally sound, and utilize the community's tax dollars effectively and responsibly. We need to stop taking money we don't need and then having the obligations to comply with the requirements that come with that funding.


From the first day I considered running for school board I decided that I was going to be different. I wanted to avoid the politics and focus all my effort on promoting my message that the public school system exists for the primary purpose of providing exceptional academic training that prepares STUDENTS to be successful in their future. This means cutting out all the noise and focusing on academics.

Secondly, we must encourage, build, and maintain an environment conducive to learning that rewards good TEACHERS; an environment where they are challenged to grow professionally, where they are motivated to do their absolute best, and where they are supported and fulfilled every day in their careers.

Finally, we must recognize and listen to PARENTS and respect their decisions to do what is best for their families. We must rebuild the trust and collaboration between parents and teachers for the benefit of the students.

I will continue to hold true to these core foundations throughout my campaign and throughout my term as a board member.

I have received multiple survey and interview requests from a variety of advocacy organizations. I chose to respond to each, regardless of the political affiliation of the group, not to seek their endorsement but to offer honest answers about where I stand so that all Olathe voters can learn who I am and what I stand for. I knew that some would agree with me and some wouldn't. However, it was more important for me to respond honestly and directly versus picking and choosing to respond only to the groups that I thought would benefit my campaign and align with me.

I have been invited to speak at Republican club meetings. I have been invited to respond to surveys from Kansans for Life, the Olathe NEA, Mainstream Coalition / MainPAC, the Olathe School District, and JoCo Public Policy Council (Olathe Chamber). I also offered to speak to the Olathe Democrat Party at their club meeting highlighting local candidates. They declined, but my offer still stands.

Many of you have contacted me asking where I stand on many of the important issues facing our schools today. I’ve enjoyed each conversation and want to share the answers to the five most common questions with you. I want you all to know exactly where I stand so that you know exactly who you will be getting as a board member when you vote for me.

Are you a Republican?

Yes, I am a Republican and I always have been. I consider myself to hold traditional conservative values.

What is your position on masks?

I believe that masks should be optional. Teachers and families/students can make the best choice for themselves and their unique circumstances in order for them to feel safe. Bullying of any kind from either side is unacceptable.

What is your position on vaccines?

After years of research, various vaccines have been proven safe and effective. Such vaccines have been required by schools for decades. However, I do not think we have enough information to add the COVID vaccine to the list of required vaccines at this time. Until it has been thoroughly studied and APPROVED by the FDA, COVID vaccines are trials, at best. Vaccine decisions should be made by parents or families with consultation from their child’s healthcare provider. The School District should honor all exemptions allowed by law.

What is your position on Critical Race Theory?

I believe in treating all people fairly and with respect, and that discrimination in any form is wrong. I understand CRT to be an academic theory that asserts inherent bias of a particular race over another. I do not believe it should be taught in the K-12 environment. Any agenda that seeks to divide people on the basis of characteristics such as race, class, socioeconomic status, gender, or anything else is wrong. Kindness, tolerance and finding ways to appreciate each other's differences is key for maintaining a successful learning environment.

Have you received any endorsements from political organizations?

Yes. I have been offered an endorsement from Kansans For Life. Being Pro-Life goes beyond the single issue of abortion. Students are being presented with content and scenarios at school that, in my opinion, need to be addressed at home.

I spoke with the Olathe NEA and they have chosen to endorse another candidate.

Mainstream Coalition (MainPAC) has rated 3 of the 5 candidates in the Olathe School District - District 3 race. Two candidates received 94% ratings. I received a 53% rating. The other two candidates did not respond, so it's hard to say where they would rank. While MainPAC claims to be non-partisan, out of the 82 candidates they endorsed in the 2020 General Election, 100% were endorsements for the Democrat candidate.

I hope these answers make it clear where I stand. I know with your help we will win on August 3rd AND November 2nd.

Thank you for your support!

**Policy Statement is from the campaign and will remain unchanged.

Ryan and Kim Campbell, with Reid and Ford

Hi, I'm Ryan and it's great to meet you.

I was born in California and lived there until my Junior year in High School, when my family moved to Florida. I attended MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olathe, graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting.

After graduating from MNU I accepted a position at a local bank where I started out as a Teller. I held various positions including Personal Banker, Credit Analyst, and ultimately Vice President of Commercial Banking. After gaining this experience, I went to work for a highly rated third-party commercial mortgage servicer in Leawood initially as an Asset Manager and later Vice President of the Loan Operations team managing a multi-billion commercial loan portfolio. Currently, I am the Director of Commercial Banking Operations for Kansas City's largest Credit Union.

I am a passionate father of two elementary age boys and enjoy being a volunteer coach for youth sports. My hobbies are anything to do with the lake especially fishing and working on vintage jet skis.

Community Involvement

  • 2007 graduate of Leadership Olathe

  • Served on the Olathe Chamber Finance Committee

  • Former member of the Olathe CVB Advisory Council

  • Former member of the Olathe CVB Sports Commission

  • Volunteer with Watch D.O.G.S (Dads of Great Students)

  • Volunteer Coach for youth sports

  • Active in my local Olathe church

Meet My Family

My wife, Kimberly, grew up on a farm in Hillsboro, KS. We met at MidAmerica Nazarene and have been married for 16 years. Our boys attend one of Olathe Public Schools' 36 elementary schools. They've had great teachers who have invested in them and helped them grow.

We love the Royals, the Chiefs, traveling as a family and enjoying time outdoors.